Compare drone pilots

Compare drone pilots

Great! It looks like you found a drone pilot on who might be right for you. At the top, you can use the "Compare" button to mark his profile in order to compare drone pilots with each other to get a realistic idea of his skills later on, in case you find more than one drone pilot for the job. A profile picture can help you identify the drone pilot or drone company you have found. We'll show you the name your drone pilot uses. is an advertising platform, so you are free to contact drone pilots by email or by the phone number provided. We ask that if any of these contact details prove to be incorrect, please let us know at

It is important to us that you have the best possible drone contractor working for you. Feel free to contact drone pilots on the contact details - even more than one - to request a quote, enquire about their skills, check their references. The contact and the deal is between the two of you. does not charge you any commission. We hope to contribute to your success with this free service!

Our drone pilots will inform you, as the customer, of your options for getting to the venue. Traveling with a lot of drones or other equipment can be cumbersome, so take that into account when ordering! In the "Equipment" section, as a customer, you may find tools, words and phrases that you may not be familiar with, but trust us to help. Any of our pilots will be happy to listen to your project and tell you which tools or technologies are best for you! If you would like to hear's point of view, please contact us at We will be happy to help you with information to find the best drone pilot for you. We offer the opportunity for drone pilots to showcase their previous projects on the internet, you can rate these references on However, it is important that if the drone pilot you have chosen does not provide you with a level of service that is right for you, please report the problem to the team at the address provided! It is in our mutual interest to have only elite drone pilots on the site!

It's important to know that has drone pilots from all over the world, but the rules of flying vary from country to country. The legality of the contract between the Customer and the Drone Pilot is the responsibility of the Customer and the Drone Pilot! The team at is committed to upholding the law, so we ask that you ensure that your contracts always comply with the rules of your country, as well as international and regulatory requirements. By using the "Share" button, you can save the profile you found for later use or send the drone pilot profile to your business partners or friends.