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With our discounts, we want to support the drone community and their professional and personal development, with the aim of promoting efficient and professional working or hobby drone flying.

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Discounts for drone pilots

The Discounts tab was created because it is an important goal of ours to support our subscribers by giving them access to the best products and drone services at the best prices!

We are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative products, so that we can present them as soon as possible in the highest, most professional quality. Our discounts are intended to support the drone community, for their professional and personal development, with the aim of promoting efficient and professional work or hobby drone flying. In addition, we are also keen to make the tools of high technology, drone training and further educational materials available to as many users as possible, thus building the drone scene. Expanding the drone community will open new frontiers for the market, multiplying their opportunities, allowing them to try new, and previously unknown levels of drone projects. We are driven by continuous development, innovative solutions and enthusiasm for what's new, to provide discounted access to up-to-date, fresh services relevant to drone use.

The discounts are sent by email to those who request them in the form of coupon codes and are valid for one-time use. In all cases, the codes can be used on the website of the company offering the coupon, which will be further assisted by the description of the discount and the email in which the coupon itself will be sent. For each discount there is a timeframe for claiming it, and the accompanying email will also indicate how long each discount can be used. The whole process takes a few minutes and the coupon code will be available within minutes of claiming.

The quick and easy use of coupons is a great help for our pilots, they can receive professional training, get access to e-learning materials on certain sites at a discount, and get ongoing discounts and promotions on different products and drones.