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HU - Már gyerekkoromban érdekelt a filmezés és fotózás, azaz a képalkotás világa. Nagy technikai fejlődés jellemzi ezeket az iparágakat. Az egyre jobb szenzorok, nagyobb felbontás, nagyobb dinamika mellett a kamera hordozó eszközök is fejlődtek. Az elmúlt 10 évben szinte kizárólag vizuális élmény átadására használtam a felvételeimet. Főként dokumentumfilmeket, reklámokat és brand videókat készítek. A drónok megjelenésével elérhető vált a mindennapokban a fotogrammetria. Tárgyakról, épületekről, terepről készített nagyfelbontású képek segítségével pontfelhő, 3D modell vagy ortofotó hozható létre, melyen mérések és számítások végezhetőek. Egyértelművé vált, hogy a digitális képek rengeteg adatot is tartalmaznak. Ahhoz, hogy a legtöbb adat kinyerhető legyen, megfelelő képeket szükséges készíteni. Ehhez pedig garancia a filmkészítésben szerzett tapasztalatom. EN - Since I was a child, I have been interested in filmmaking and photography, in other words, in the world of image-making. There have been great technological advances in these industries. Better and better sensors, higher resolution, more dynamic range, but also the means of carrying the camera. For the last 10 years I have used my images almost exclusively to convey a visual experience. I mainly shoot documentaries, commercials and brand videos. With the advent of drones, photogrammetry has become accessible in everyday life. High-resolution images of objects, buildings and terrain can be used to create point clouds, 3D models or orthophotos, on which measurements and calculations can be made. It has become clear that digital images also contain a lot of data. In order to extract the most data, it is necessary to produce suitable images. My experience in filmmaking is a guarantee for this. | Drone mapping | Drone Building | Ortophoto | Point Cloud | 3D Model | Social media videos | Event videos | Video content | Image video |

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Our drone pilots will inform you, as the customer, of your options for getting to the venue. Traveling with a lot of drones or other equipment can be cumbersome, so take that into account when ordering! In the "Equipment" section, as a customer, you may find tools, words and phrases that you may not be familiar with, but trust us to help. Any of our pilots will be happy to listen to your project and tell you which tools or technologies are best for you! If you would like to hear's point of view, please contact us at We will be happy to help you with information to find the best drone pilot for you. We offer the opportunity for drone pilots to showcase their previous projects on the internet, you can rate these references on However, it is important that if the drone pilot you have chosen does not provide you with a level of service that is right for you, please report the problem to the team at the address provided! It is in our mutual interest to have only elite drone pilots on the site!

It's important to know that has drone pilots from all over the world, but the rules of flying vary from country to country. The legality of the contract between the Customer and the Drone Pilot is the responsibility of the Customer and the Drone Pilot! The team at is committed to upholding the law, so we ask that you ensure that your contracts always comply with the rules of your country, as well as international and regulatory requirements. By using the "Share" button, you can save the profile you found for later use or send the drone pilot profile to your business partners or friends.

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